Robotech: A New Beginning

SDF Galactica?
Developer Blog #4

I’m trying very hard to resist the urge to turn this into the namesake of the post – and it is hard. Take, for example, the way that the humanoid cylons played out in the Galactica fleet? Given the ability to “micronize”, what’s to stop the Zentraedi from sending an advanced force to infiltrate the Earth? What if these sleep agents weren’t even aware that they were sleeper agents?

It’s a fun thought I might run with :)

Tweaks and Story
Developer Blog #3

One of the problems of creating a grittier, darker version of Robotech is the dominant use of song and such in the defeat of the Zentraedi in the normal Robotech. I can dance around the reasons for the Zentraedi not obliterating the SDF-1 in the first place and their continued restraint over the next two years. However, I’m having trouble re-writing the victory against the Zentraedi, at least in spirit. The core weakness of the Zentraedi in Robotech was culture – specifically the concept of love and music. Music can be tweaked so it’s not quite so sappy-hippy but what about love?

I suppose it’s possible to portray love in a gritty fashion – BSG managed to do it pretty well with Starbuck and both Lee Adama and Samuel Anders. I’m just not sure if it’ll work well as an Achilles’ Heel to the Zentraedi.

UNS Naming Conventions
Developer Blog #2

Aside from the VF-1 Valkyrie, the names of mecha seems … basic? Uninspiring? Descriptive, to be sure.

Since the VF-1 uses a Norse mythology name I think I will attempt to do the same with the other mecha and ships. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with Norse only or if I’ll expand into the Greek/Roman pantheon.

If we expand the concept of using mythology to name people, places, and things, once could consider the Zentraedi either Jotnar (Frost Giants from Norse) or Titans (giant primordials from Greek mythology). Keeping with the Norse theme, let’s examine the other mecha in the UNS arsenal.

Monster – Land based battleship / artillery
Phalanx – Missile platform
Tomahawk – Walking MBT (Main Battle Tank)
Defender – AA Platform
Spartan – General Purpose Platform

The name Odin is powerful – the question is whether it should be reserved for, say, the SDF-1 or a mecha.

Thor is also a powerful name, second only to Odin in the pantheon. I could see Thor being applied to either the Monster, Phalanx, or Tomahawk.

Heimdall, the gate keeper. This could perhaps be applied to the Phalanx, Defender, or Tomahawk.

Beowulf, while not technically part of the overall Norse mythos, is another name that may be applied. Loki, obviously, is another. Grendel, if we’re using Beowulf for references.

Hmm. Well, that’s five names and five mecha. Let’s get started:

Grendel Class – Monster II
Odin Class – Phalanx
Thor Class – Tomahawk
Heimdall Class – Spartan
Beowulf Class – Defender

Eh, perhaps I’m stretching here and should leave well enough alone. I dunno.

Welcome to ANB's Blog
Developer Blog #1

Welcome! I’ll be using the Adventure log as a sort of Dev Blog while I’m building the game up. Look here for design notes, ideas, and general commentary. Once the game starts I’ll switch to using this normally. Also, all Dev Blogs will have the dev tag.

So, let’s begin. What is my overall goal for R:ANB? I’m trying to re-imagine the Robotech universe in a darker, grittier format. The original Robotech story was relatively light hearted and a general feel good story with plenty of humor and romance. Majorly depressing things were kind of glossed over – the near extermination of the human race, for example. It was there in the general desolation of the planet following the major battle against the Zentraedi but it was never really focused on.

R:ANB will be poking salt covered fingers into that wound – the idea is to show the universe as dark, dangerous, and dramatic.

To help create that dark, gritty feeling a measure of realism needs to be added. The idea of Protoculture will be thrown out (most likely). Instead, fusion reactors will be the power source of choice. This will necessitate a few other universe changes such as how and why the Invid work but that will be addressed later.


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