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A New Beginning

Robotech: A New Beginning is a home brew version of the Robotech saga. The game will start at the same point the show did, with the launch party of the SDF-1. Events will be similar to those shown in the TV series, but they will be different as well. Familiar, yet alien.


R:ANB will be using the SilCore system available from Dream Pod 9 publications. You should have gotten a character generation packet from me already – that should be sufficient to create a character and get started playing. If you want more information I encourage you to pick up the core book from DriveThruRPG; it’s $12.

You’ll notice that there’s not a lot of “Robotech” stuff in the SilCore rules. That’s because SilCore is a setting free game system. It’s intended to be a robust system that may be adapted to any setting, which is what I’m doing. What that means is that I’ll be creating all the mecha and gear that you will be using. Such items will be detailed on this wiki.


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